Cisco Live – Part 3

After attending DevNet express – collaboration and meeting such a great people on Saturday, Me, Paul and Sebastian went to Mandalay bay to pick up our Cisco Live name tag, back bag and T-Shirts. The full path way on Mandalay Bay was full by Cisco Live Ambassadors where I learned that there are around 900 of them helping all attendees.

We also went to the big Cisco Live Sign where every body was taken photos there, and it


 was really nice and emotional moment since I was waiting to attend Cisco live for the last 7 years. We also hang around the social media hub and finally got the time to play with Spark board.

Sunday 25th of June, I attended last day of DevNet session and met such a great people like Chris Martin a member of DevNet program who helped me a lot in the programming side, as it was really long time since I did coding (during university study). In the afternoon we headed to the pre-event preparation for the World of Solutions (WoS) and it was a special tour for Cisco Champions members. Cisco Champions is a program for high IT skilled and knowledgeable people who help in spreading their knowledge and information across the world, in 2017 there is around 300+ Cisco Champions members from all over the world and I am really proud to be the only Cisco champion from Yemen, and the only one from the city where I leave in – Jeddah.

IMG_3360The tour around world of solution was very nice as we visited Cisco network emergency response vehicle, which is a mobile communication center that is designed to establish communication in emergency and crisis situations where the normal communication is not available. we also visited the NOC and main data center for Cisco Live where they explained to us how did they build the full network for the event where it content more than 2000 access points and 2 X 100G internet links to provide reliable connections to all attendees. Later that day i attended the new to Cisco Live session where the NetVet members gave us many advices on what to do to get the most of Cisco Live.

IMG_3483On this day I won the Social media Superhero cape for the best pre-event Cisco Live coverage. For dinner I met with Asif Khan who work as an Engineer in Cisco Washington IMG_3477DC office who invited me for a Turkish resturent and we had a really nice dinner there, and after that we went for some shopping and then arrived late to the hotel.

Monday, 26th of June was the first official day for Cisco Live, where I headed to Partner day area and attended the first CCP (Customer Connection Program) session where the product managers of each product show us the road map and what’s new in each product. I attended many CCP sessions as these sessions wasn’t recorded not like the rest of the sessions which are recorded and posted on I attended many CCP Collaboration sessions like CallManager, Spark, WebEx, Jabber, CMS, End points and many more and it was one of the best sessions for me in Cisco Live as I always want to have the latest knowledge on Cisco technologies.


At 9:30am I met with Cisco Champions members near the social hub and we headed to the Chuck Robbins Keynote (Cisco CEO) leaded by Kim Austin @ciscokima and Lauren Friedman @lauren where we had a special seating only for us in front of the stage, and I manage to sit next to Paul Campbell @paulmc3 one of the great people that i met from Cisco Champions members and we talked a lot regarding Cisco and what’s his future plans will be. At 10am Chuck took the stage and he was talking about the new Network Intuitive which was theIMG_3526 main highlight of the event where it has 3 main parts of it:

  • New Catalyst 9000 series switches which is the new Cisco Switches where it’s fully programable even from the access layer.
  • Encrypted traffic analytics where we can increase the network security, as currently more than 50% of malware are coming from encrypted traffic.
  • DNA Center, where you can configure a full network with easy drag and drop graphical user interface.

You can know more about Network Intuitive from the blog of Cisco Champion member Justin Cohen from here.

In addition to the Network Intuitive Chuck also talked about the great partnership that Cisco has with other companies, and the biggest partnership is with Apple, and then out of the blue he called Tim Cook – Apple CEO to the stage, and it was really big surprise for IMG_3546me as Apple is the most company that I like after Cisco, so it was really nice keynote for me to see Chuck & Tim in person. After that Chuck talked about Cisco Collaboration and how does it change the world, he also called other guest the CEO of United Health group David Wichmann where they show how the group has a concept of implementing Cisco Spark solution to collaborate with their customers. You can see the full keynote from here. 

IMG_3684Tuesday 27th of June 2017, I attended the CCP session in the morning then we headed to the technology vision keynote by Rowan Trollope and David Goeckeler where they talked about how the new Cat9000 and DNA center will change the future of network, also Rowan had Carolyn G. Goodman the Mayor of Las Vegas not he stage and she mentioned that they have more than 40 million tourist each year visiting the city and they are doing many work with Cisco to digitalize the city. You can see the full keynote from here.

At night I was invited to Cisco Spark after Dark event in Nacho Daddy as I am one of Spark Ambassadors team,  I went there with Sebastian Leuser as he is a Spark Ambassador member as well, where it was really nice meeting many people in person as we always chat in Spark. In that event I met with top Cisco Collaboration team like Rowan Trollope, Jonathan Rosenberg and Jens Meggers and I was really fortunate to talk with them, as I always see their keynotes and videos online but it was the first time to meet them in person.

It was really nice event, as there was also many of Cisco Champions members in the Spark event as well like Paul Giblin, Mike Thornback, Jody Lemoine, Robert Hawley and many others.

Wednesday 28th of June, I attended the Security keynote with John Stewart where they talked about how the attacks are increasing these days and almost every month we hear about a big network breach, and how important to use one vendor to secure your date to make it easy to manage the solution that you have. You can see the full keynote from here. 


At 7pm me & Sebastian went to the Customer Appreciation event in T- Mobile Arena and the guest performer was Bruno Mars, I had fun to be in the VIP lounge as I won the social media superhero cape, and that gave me 2 passes to the VIP Lounge where I met many of CiscoChampions members as well.

Thursday 29th of June, it was the last day of Cisco Live, and i still want to do many things like visiting many booths in the world of solutions, so I attended a session in the morning and as soon as the WOS opens I headed to it and visited many booths like Meraki, Collaboration, switching, DNA center, ISE, FirePower, Umbrella and others, you can see my World of Solutions visit in my YouTube channel from here. however the time wasn’t enough as the World of Solutions close at 2pm, as every body want to go to the closing keynote as this year it was with Bryan Cranston. The keynote started at 3pm where Chuck Robbins took the stage and invited Bryan as it was an interview style where Bryan was talking about his time when he started his acting career. To see the full closing Keynote. 

After the keynote I met with Bill Carter a member of the Champions community who I always heard his Cisco Champions episodes, and he was the Facebook social media winner for a photo with Bryan Cranston, so he was really kind to make me accompany him to have the photo with Bryan, so we met him and talked with him and he was really nice guy. IMG_4955.JPG

With this photo my Cisco Live has officially ended, so I did some shopping on Friday and on Saturday I traveled to Los Angeles and stayed 2 days there then I traveled other 17 hours flight to Jeddah.




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